Our Products

Natural Stone

Our specialty. We go to painstaking lengths to personally hand-select the most beautiful, highest quality natural stone from across the world. You may choose material on display in our yard, or you may select natural stone from the holding company of your choice. 



Cambria - https://www.cambriausa.com/Designs/design-palette/?gclid=CMSr2Lbi69UCFVm5wAodJtgHSQ

Caesarstone - http://www.caesarstoneus.com/

Daltile OneQuartz - http://products.daltile.com/onequartz.cfm

Hanstone  - http://www.hanstone-quartz.com/

MSI Q Quartz - https://www.msistone.com/quartz-collections/

Nustone - http://nustonequartz.com/

PentalQuartz - http://pentalquartz.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIopSG6uPr1QIVk4xpCh35Xw-XEAAYASAAEgJnifD_BwE

Silestone - https://www.silestoneusa.com/

Teltos  -  http://www.Teltos.com

Viatera - http://www.lgviaterausa.com/

Zodiaq - http://www.zodiaq.com/


Special Countertop Surfaces

Vetrazzo Recycled Glass - https://www.vetrazzo.com/?lang=en

Dektron Ultracompact Surface - 

Piedrafina Marble and Quartz Surface - https://www.pfsurfaces.com/home


Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry

Waypoint Cabinetry - https://www.waypointlivingspaces.com/cabinets

American Heritage Cabinets - http://www.midwestcabinetdivision.com/

J&K Cabinetry - https://jandkcabinets.com/


Sink Fixtures, Tile, Hardware, and other accessories are always available upon request.